Time. Its the one thing that we only have a set amount of, and can never beg, borrow, or steal to get more. We use the time we have been given to work, play and rest. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each moment is leveraged against something that we desire, whether in relationships, provision for our families, resting and recharging or whatever you may use to fill in the blank. The older I get it seems as though those moments disappear faster and faster each year. My mind still tells me that I am 18 while my body is feeling some of the effects of poorer choices in my youth (football and jumping out of trees). Time is the most precious resource we have as a people yet time is the thing we waste the most. I am reminded of how much I waste time even now as I am writing this blog thinking of all the different things I use to fill my day; meaningless, mindless activities that individually aren’t harmful, but when compiled together, rob me of precious time that I will never get back. I am writing this as I watch my Addie girl grow up right in front of my eyes. This beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde haired girl craves her daddy’s attention day in and day out, begging me to come and spend my most precious resource on her. She wants her daddy to take TIME and teach her, walk with her, eat with her, jump on the trampoline with her, play blocks with her, and for some reason I have to weigh pouring life into that beautiful girl or playing fantasy football on my phone. The choice would seem simple on the outside looking in but that little device in my hand can so often be an addiction, another way the enemy robs me of what God has given me. So many times we as parents and adults fill our lives with little things that seem insignificant in the moment, but if not checked can grow into raging addictions that cause us to become annoyed with the blessings that God has placed in our hands to train, bless, raise up, and send out. One thing I have learned in my time as a Pastor is that children spell love T.I.M.E. Its the most incredible thing we have. We all spend our time. The question becomes how are we spending it? Do you fight for your time with Jesus? Do you fight for time with your children? We as parents have 18 incredibly short years to put them on the right path. As I grow older, it seems as though that time disappears all the quicker. My one desire, the one thing that I long for my girls to know more than anything is the Lord Jesus intimately. The caveat to that statement however, is that must SEE it LIVED OUT in front of them. I want my girls to grow old knowing just how much their daddy loved them. Choose wisely.

Till Next TIME


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